Guy's hi. For those of you who don't know me my name is Adam Michie and my mission is to help you guys eat more healthily, train better and live your best life. 

So I started out in the industry working for a commercial gym, about 5 years ago now, learning so much along the way, putting myself out there and introducing myself to potential clients. I grew an excellent client base, built brilliant relationships with everyone, so I started marketing my services in the area I was in, Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

From there,I opened my own transformation studio in a village just outside of those towns called Potten End, where the transformation program has been very successful. 

Marketing came into place, learning different ways to market to my ideal client, reading and having loads of fun doing it but my mission...... my mission is to help more people in this world, theres so much information out there that people are confused, i'm sick of all these fad diets so i'm here to help and speak the truth about consistency, normal healthy eating and proper training. 

I have created an 8 week transformation program in the studio which is just brilliant. Clients are loving it and it is better value for money being in groups. Also which is new I am launching an online training program designed for clients that I cant reach, in person, so it'll be more convenient for you at home or for clients with very busy schedules.  


We help you achieve your goals, feel more confident, and gain so much more energy 


Our Mission

Our mission is to impact more people and help them feel so much better, coming from a small personal training business in a town called Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, my purpose is to help many more people feel good about life, about themselves, without the intimidation, and lack of enthusiasm from trainers 

Theres so many fad diets in this world now, that we don’t know where to start when it comes to good training, eating in a healthy balanced way and feeling good about yourself
— Just a little note from myself